Sunday, October 21, 2007

Our New Pad

Here are the marketing pictures of our new house. The stuff in it isn't ours:

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Our Common History

Here is a link to the history of our common ancestor, Donal O'Sullivan (click the title) and a picture of the now razed castle. I thumbed down there from Cork City one winter. The story is a rollicking but tragic adventure. Terry O'Sullivan insisted I learn my family's history when I first went over. I just re-read it, and it pisses me off all over again. I asked myself what became of the proud, strong, but ill-fated folk who underwent that ordeal of constant combat and deprivation. The answer is that they are right now at your computer wearing your clothes (or shown below in a Superman suit). As Terry said, "Lest we forget to remember..." One year we should take Donal (Dan) Buckley up on his offer and have a family reunion back in the old country. Here is another link to get you ready for that: