Tuesday, March 6, 2007

"The Not-So-Outsider"

Hello from the first non-Flynn to post. I want to make sure that the posting-precedent is set for those who are Flynn Tribe "honoraries."

The news from Florida is fairly bland: it's hot (which I dislike) and I plan to avoid the beach and 3rd degree sunburns for spring break. Mike says it's insanely cold up in Mass., and I wish I were there to know what "insanely cold" felt like.

I hope everyone is well!

~Tori (a.k.a. Mike Flynn's absentee girlfriend)


Traveler said...

Hey Tori,

Can you see if this link works? If so, then my far away nephews can get snaps of the "home fires burning".


AJ said...

The link didn't work...=/ Maybe it'll work in a whole post...

Traveler said...

Drag. I'll figure it out. Thanks