Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Katie Getting Married

Hello Family!

I wanted to send out a notice to everyone in case there is someone whose address has escaped me.
I'm getting married May 18th, 2009, which is actually quite soon! Please feel free to come. We would love to have you all there. Email me at Katie 'at' Flynntribe.com for details and to RSVP before April 18th.

Katie and James
May 18th, 2009
Holliston, MA

Love and Blessings to All,

Monday, March 3, 2008

Cooking club and poker night

A couple of us have been talking about having a poker night once a month and also a cooking night also once a month. We're thinking we can all get together twice a month and hang out have fun and eat lots of food. we need some feedback or other ideas from all the flynn cousins young and older. give me, Dara or Krissie a call. thanks hope to get this off the ground

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Our New Pad

Here are the marketing pictures of our new house. The stuff in it isn't ours:

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Our Common History

Here is a link to the history of our common ancestor, Donal O'Sullivan (click the title) and a picture of the now razed castle. I thumbed down there from Cork City one winter. The story is a rollicking but tragic adventure. Terry O'Sullivan insisted I learn my family's history when I first went over. I just re-read it, and it pisses me off all over again. I asked myself what became of the proud, strong, but ill-fated folk who underwent that ordeal of constant combat and deprivation. The answer is that they are right now at your computer wearing your clothes (or shown below in a Superman suit). As Terry said, "Lest we forget to remember..." One year we should take Donal (Dan) Buckley up on his offer and have a family reunion back in the old country. Here is another link to get you ready for that:

Saturday, September 15, 2007


Tuesday night at 8:00 me and Brigid will be on Ventrilo ready to play Ghost!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Tori and Pepper

New Calender added to blog.flynntribe.com

To all please note that I have added a new calender item to the blog site. It is on the left hand column and shows in an agenda format. it is the same calender item that is found on the www.flynntribe.com homepage under the calendar link. If you have google calenders you can subscribe to the calendar directly so that it will show up on your own google calenders. If you would like the ability to edit the calendar you will need a google calendar account. You can send me an email and request administrative rights to the calendar. If you just want to add and event to the calendar send me an e-mail, or if you announce it publicly on the blog I'll try to be aware enough to add it to the calendar. Tori and Dara also have manager rights to the calendar, which means they can also add managers and editors.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Getting Good News for a Change

This morning, unlike most mornings, my daily 10-minute chat with my mom on my way to work brought good news .

First, my dad's brother--who hasn't been in contact with my dad since a few years before I was born--is finally stopping by Florida for a visit. He's ironically been in Thailand for the past 10 years, and now that the brothers are smoothing things over, I might actually get to meet one of my mysteriously absent uncles (there are two) when Mike and I visit his family. Not that we have actual plans, but I assume we'll get there eventually.

The other cool bit of news is the link above: a Duke University news article about a team of researchers and students who are taking a trip to Uganda on Aug. 9th to update all of the medical equipment at a neurosurgery hospital. My cousin--whom I've not seen or spoken to in 8 years--is one of the Scrub Techs going on the trip. Along with the link came contact info; so now I'm getting in touch with her, in hopes that she'll have a moment to respond before she leaves and in hopes of getting back in touch with her twin siblings as well.

Two family silences ending in one morning...It's such a wonderful feeling! I always hated that my uncles left my dad's life before I entered it, and I've never been able to understand quite why my cousins disliked me enough to avoid me for 8 years (my little sister's entire life, by the way...The last time they saw her, she was an infant being baptized). Now, all the drama might be over.

I know this has very little to do with The Flynn Tribe, but I felt the need to share. Besides, the trip to Uganda is awesome and it's nice to hear about people helping others.